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A Crucible Is … Wednesday : 22 February

Posted by kaulinsium in General.
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Kaulinsium is a crucible of thought.

On the one hand, the word crucible is used to describe “a severe test”, for example, of a belief or of alleged knowledge.On the other hand, the word crucible defines a vessel capable of withstanding great heat. A crucible is thus used for the melting of glass or metals, such as bronze, silver or gold. A platinum vessel or a porcelain bowl could serve as a crucible.

In the earliest days of mettalurgy, e.g. in Sumer, metals were placed into a ceramic pot, the crucible, which in turn was placed into a furnace for heating of both crucible and metals.

A “crucible of thought” thus functions as a high-heat oven for the proof of the mettle (inherent quality) of beliefs, ideas and accepted knowledge.